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Posted By admin on 09/26/15 - Bookmark Squirtalicious Discount

Are most lonely housewives dried-up and nasty

One of the most common stereotypes of horny housewives, at least up until recently, is that they are dried-up, nasty, and over-the-hill women. Up until the recent spate of reality TV shows portraying hot, good-looking, horny women out for extramarital affairs, the traditional view prevailed. For the longest time, a lot of guys thought that if a woman is already married and she’s looking to cheat, then it automatically follows that there’s something wrong with her.

Maybe she looks bad. Maybe she’s crazy. Maybe she has some sort of emotional hangups. Whatever it is, the conventional wisdom was that these types of women are actually damaged and that you would do well to stay away from them.

The truth is, nothing can be farther from this stereotype. In reality, a lot of horny housewives are actually quite desirable. They look great. They take good care of their body. In many cases, they have tight bodies. That’s why a lot of guys are beginning to realize that they’re missing out on a lot of hot sex action with these women.

These women are older, which means they have more experience and they know what to do with their body. It’s not uncommon for these women to really excite a guy so much that he comes many times during sex. I know this almost seems too good to be true, but if you’re dealing with somebody who really knows how to rock her body, then multiple male orgasms, or at least sequential male orgasms, are more than likely.

The modern American woman and the opportunity to cheat

The reality is that the modern concepts of marriage are changing rapidly. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot more opportunity to cheat. There’s a lot more temptation out there. Also people are defining freedom within the confines of marriage in many different ways.

Put simply, we’re in a brave new world as far as concepts of fidelity, commitment, and love are concerned. In most cases, people are able to separate these different concepts. And that’s why a lot more lonely housewives are pulling the trigger and then deciding to cheat.

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