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Posted By Admin on 05/25/18 - Bookmark Squirtalicious Discount

I’m a strong believer that having a good wank a day can make all the difference. It gives you something that you obviously need and it also makes you feel good. I know full well that most men wouldn’t admit that they wank, but you know what? just about everyone does it.

I happen to know a few hot cam girls that love to Watch Me Wank. They get on their live cams and strip naked, they reach down and touch their dripping wet pussies knowing full well that you’re rock hard and ready to release your demons all while they watch you doing it.

For me I totally dig that special connection that you get from doing it. Not only do you feel like a real man, you also feel like you can take on the world if need be. Nothing much else beside having a good wank can do that for me, so guess what? I’m going to go and toss my salad right now!

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Posted By Admin on 05/15/18 - Bookmark Squirtalicious Discount

Look, seriously already, what the fuck is the deal with Asian women and moaning? Actually, let’s face it, that’s not moaning, moaning is sexy, this is whining. If you just get anywhere near their pussies you’d swear you’re trying to fuck her sister while trying to steal her purse and shove a broomstick up her ass or something.

The way I said that made it sound like I’m saying it’s not a turn-on, I didn’t mean it that way. Hearing a woman having a great time makes me hard as a rock.

Squirting is another thing altogether. For me it was really cool at first, perhaps because of the intensity of it in a way but then i think it became a novelty that wore thin really quick because of how much it can limit where and how you can have sex.

What exactly do I mean by that? Have a chick squirt in your bed and see how that feels when you want to roll over and sleep afterwards. Or have her squirt on your suede couch.

Check out this Shiofuky discount for 66% off instantly and watch the Oriental ladies squirt and scream in pleasure.

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